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5 Things To Help You Stay Healthy While Travelling

Mar 12, 2017 | Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

I’m currently half way round the world from home in Sydney. I have travelled so much over the last few years that I have had to adopt certain strategies to ensure I stay healthy and in shape wherever I am. There can be challenges, however it is not as tricky as it may appear to begin with. I believe it’s always better to have some control and avoid being in a food situation you may later regret.

1. Prepare & Plan for Success

Planning ahead and taking foods with you can stop you being caught out and eating food you wouldn’t normally go near, especially in airports and motorway services. Foods that travel well are: bags of nuts, seeds or coconut flakes, kale chips, apples, raw veggies in a sealed food bag, ready to open tins of fish and a slow-release protein drink such as Proform.

Do a little research online about your destination in advance by checking out the food available where you’re staying. Look for local health stores and restaurants with options that work for you, ensure you have ideas and a plan in advance.

2. Eat Light & Right

Avoid heavy carbohydrates and starches, particularly if flying long haul. Allow your digestion time to rest and ease into the time zone you’re travelling to. Eat low GI (low sugar) wherever possible. Avoiding insulin spikes will help enhance your energy, stop cravings and false-hunger, plus it will keep your body in a more relaxed state and better able to deal with the physical effects of travelling.

Aim to eat as you do when at home for the majority of the time, with the occasional amount of ‘leeway’. Avoid depriving yourself, however you know your body and if one sugary dessert leads to more, think twice. Instead try my Three Bite Rule – it’s really simple, just take three bites, Savour it, Enjoy it then Stop. Three bites can get rid of the ‘temptation factor’, satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling in control rather than regretting an over-indulgence.

3. Exercise to Acclimatise

You may not fancy working out while travelling, however keeping active and incorporating exercise into your travel plans, even in a small way, can help energise you and adjust to the time zone you’ve arrived in. Try a short but intensive 5 minutes HIIT routine such as 30 seconds each of free standing squats, jumping jacks, push ups and the plank, rest for 30 seconds then go again.

Jet lag can do strange things to you, but it’s always better to acclimatize to your new time zone as fast as possible. Ideally, stay awake until a reasonable evening time. Or take just a short ‘power nap’ on arrival and set an alarm to ensure you do get up. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. By the 2nd and 3rd day away you’ll be glad you did!

4. Hydrate

Drinking a good amount of filtered water helps counter the dehydrating effects of flying at altitude in a pressurised environment. You can also hydrate by eating plenty of water-rich foods such as low GI fruits, salads, leaves and vegetables, so include them with every meal.

5. Supplements to Support

I always pack my supplements and recommend taking those to support the immune, adrenal and digestive systems. I take Altrient Lypospheric Vitamin C, which is highly bio-available and comes in individual travel friendly sachets; Cell Rejuvenation Mix, a powerful antioxidant and multi-vitamin blend; a Vitamin B5 supplement called Pantac, to provide a natural defense against stress and reduce fatigue; Magnesium to help maintain normal energy metabolism and aid digestive function. These ensure I can stay healthy and vibrant to do the best for my clients and make the most of seeing the sights wherever I am.

By the way, watch our for my new website that’s launching soon. You’ll be able to check out and buy all the supplements above that I take myself.



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