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Breakfasts To Boost Your Day

Feb 6, 2017 | Health, Nutrition, Recipes, Weight Loss

The Old English word for dinner, disner, actually referred the first meal of the day. It means to ‘break a fast’ i.e. breaking the fasting period from the previous days eating. It wasn’t until the 15th Century that the word Breakfast, as we know it, was used to describe our morning meal. That’s just a fun piece of info, but do you know the most nutritious and healthy breakfasts to boost your day?

The thing to be aware of with breakfast is this – your food choices at the start of the day can impact everything from your hunger and cravings, to your energy and mental clarity for the rest of your day. It can also cause your body to either burn fat or store fat.

Many of us will have grown up eating breakfast cereals and you most likely realise now that they’re full of sugar, the one ingredient to avoid above most others. Sadly, even healthier and ‘no added sugar’ versions are still to be avoided on the sugar-front. When we eat sugar and carbohydrate foods it causes insulin (a hormone secreted by the pancreas) to be released. Insulin hinders the process of burning fat and promotes fat storage in the body. The body releases it in order to drive the sugars from the blood stream into the cells so it can be used as energy. If your cells don’t use all the energy any excess insulin is converted into fat.

Eating low sugar and low carbohydrate foods will naturally regulate your insulin levels and this is especially important at Breakfast. It’s much harder to get your insulin levels back in check once they’ve been ‘spiked’, so start your day as you mean to go on.

To switch and do breakfast differently start by choosing natural low sugar and protein-rich foods (Protein will keep you feeling fuller and enhance your energy, plus help you firm up!). Here are my breakfast favourite’s to inspire you:


Eggs are considered to be one of the most all-round nutritious foods out there. They have a powerful combination of protein and fats to fuel your body, contain naturally occurring Vitamin B12 plus amino acids delivering powerful antioxidants properties. Always buy organic and free range to ensure their highest quality nutrients. Eat them poached, boiled with healthy asparagus soldiers or scrambled with a touch of butter. Serve them with lean grilled bacon, smoked salmon, prawns, grilled tomatoes or mushrooms. Try making a DIY omelet by adding any left over veggies from last night diner.


Real yoghurt is packed full of health enhancing probiotics and is a great source of protein. Beware that many yoghurts on the market are full of artificial flavours, additives and sugars. Sugar actually feeds harmful bacteria in the gut! Look for natural full fat yoghurt with nothing added whatsoever, alternatively give sheep or goats milk varieties a try or opt for dairy-free coconut yoghurt. Add fresh or frozen berries and a sprinkling of nuts and seeds for added fibre, protein and healthy fats.

Breakfast Smoothie

If you’re not such a ‘breakfast’ person or you tend to eat breakfast on the run, opt for a lighter but equally nourishing smoothie. Blitz together any combination of berries, yoghurt, chia seeds, raw nut butter, raw cacao powder or maca powder, add a large handful of green leaves such as kale or spinach, plus some liquid such as filtered water, coconut water, milk or almond milk. Pimp up your protein further by adding a scoop of casein (vegetarian) pea or pumpkin seed (vegan) protein powder. Here’s a smoothie recipe to inspire you.

Whatever option you choose, make breakfast the meal that inspires you and fuels your day!



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