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Eat Your Way To Radiant Skin

June 26, 2017 | Health

You are what you eat – if you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that this is my mantra. But can perfect pores and a completely flawless complexion really be achieved by watching what you eat? Actually, yes – absolutely it can, but there’s a catch (isn’t there always?). You see, skin is […]

De-Stress Secrets To Support Body & Mind

June 1, 2017 | Health, Mindset, Nutrition, Supplements

Sadly stress seems to be an unavoidable and accepted side effect of modern living. So much so that many people may not realise the amount of stress they deal with daily, or the impact it could be having on their health, energy, shape and quality of life. During times of stress the body enters “fight […]

How to fire up the body’s fat burning system 247!

April 25, 2017 | Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

I have learnt over the years that weight loss is about working with the body’s natural systems and functions. Sadly the traditional approach of calorie reduction can do the very opposite. There is evidence showing it’s possible to achieve healthy and lasting weight loss by taking advantage of the body’s naturally occurring fat burning hormone, […]

5 Healthy Fruit Alternatives To Chocolate At Easter

April 12, 2017 | Health, Nutrition

With Easter fast approaching it’s a great time to prepare to navigate the extra chocolate temptations we’ll all be faced with. I’m a firm believer that it is possible to ‘have your Easter cake and eat it’ simply by making a few healthy tweaks. I enjoy spending time in my kitchen creating healthier low GI […]

Healthy Girl is New & Improved & with Supplements!

March 27, 2017 | Health

I’m beyond excited to reveal my brand new website to you all. I’ve been working on it for some time to make sure it offers you the best quality supplements, products and most relevant information on achieving lasting weight loss and optimum health. So What’s New? I’m passionate about sourcing superior quality food supplements that […]

5 Things To Help You Stay Healthy While Travelling

March 12, 2017 | Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

I’m currently half way round the world from home in Sydney. I have travelled so much over the last few years that I have had to adopt certain strategies to ensure I stay healthy and in shape wherever I am. There can be challenges, however it is not as tricky as it may appear to […]

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