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Coronavirus – Is Your Immune System Ready?

Feb 2, 2020 | Health, Supplements

The news that there are now cases of the Coronavirus in the UK really hits home how real this new Coronavirus is.

It could be easy to have an opinion about being for or against vaccines, but in this case it really doesn’t matter, because at the time of writing there is no vaccine for the Coronavirus. Your only option is to rely on your immune system, and while it has the power to do amazing things, the big question is – how strong is yours?

As you know, I’m all about taking a natural approach – following a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle to support optimal immune health. So here are my thoughts on giving your incredible immune system the vital support it needs to be amazing.

1. Deal with Stress

Stress is a massive threat to your immune system as it affects your body’s ability to recover. Your adrenals (situated above your kidneys) are your frontline of defence and recovery in the face of stress or athletic training.
Most people who are depressed have exhausted their adrenals. Your drive, energy and get-up-and-go can disappear as a result of the strains of ‘normal’ modern living, so look to find an effective way to clear your mind and de-stress – whether that be yoga, mediation, walking or taking up a hobby and simply doing something you love to do.

2. Get plenty of (quality) sleep

Being sleep deprived hits your immune system hard. And if you think you’re not sleep deprived, you may need to think again. According to the Sleep Council nearly half of us get less than 6 hours a night, while just 8% of us awaken feeling refreshed (which should be the norm, not the exception).

Head over to my sleep blog – Are you sleeping soundly? For insight into what you can do to get a proper nights sleep.

3. Supercharge your exercise routine

Study after study shows that even the lightest of exercise routines can bolster your protection against illness. So factor in a brief, brisk walk each day where possible. Get out and enjoy the fresh air, remembering to breathe deeply to de-stress as you go.

4. Get your nutritional intake right

Real, whole foods – that’s what your body needs – vegetables, sprouts, low GI fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Along with some grassfed meat and wild caught fish (if you eat them). Squeeze in as many plants, of different varieties (particularly green leafy veg), as you can each day.

Make this easy on yourself by whipping up a super green smoothie from raw cucumber, spinach, celery, kale, bok choi and avocado, and add a sprinkle of Supergreen powder plus a tablespoon of casein protein powder. As for my top tip, well that would be adding a small piece of raw ginger and some chia seeds before blending – delicious!

5. Super Charge with Supplements

As far as I’m concerned, everyone needs supercharged food supplements specifically designed to support their immune system. Which is why I’ve created a special Super Immune Power Pack to do just that. These are the supplements I, and those closest to me take daily, for good reason:

Your Super Immune Power Pack

Cell Rejuvenation Mix (CRM)

Your immune system is an amazing and complex structure – it needs plenty of nutritional support to function optimally. CRM is a complex and advanced nutritional product with 55 separate high quality ingredients to do exactly that¹.

As well as the full spectrum of high-potency vitamins and minerals, it offers advanced plant and fruit extracts, plus specialised nutrients on which much current nutritional research is focused. Some of these nutrients are hard to obtain in a regular multivitamin yet CRM offers them all in a single convenient daily dose. In particular CRM has Vitamin D in a quantity large enough to align with current recommendations.

CRM provides all the core multivitamins and minerals for immune system support and detoxification, plus it also boosts cognitive and vital organ support, energy, thyroid function, breathing and concentration to name just a few. This is way more than just a multivitamin!

Check out the Cell Rejuvenation Mix Supplement

Pantac (Vitamin B5)

Pantac provides a natural stress relief. It helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, helps digest your food for energy, plus supports your brain cells for normal mental functioning. It’s also an essential support for your adrenals – remember they are your front line of defence and recovery in the face of stress. If your body is under stress, it can put your immune system under stress. Pantac is easily and quickly absorbed as it helps defend against stress and activate your energy fast.

Check out the Pantac Supplement

Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C is so well known, and you likely know that the body can’t produce it, and that you likely don’t get enough of it (which can swiftly make you unwell). It’s vital we take the best quality Vitamin C.

Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C makes skin up to 61% firmer², plus feeds your Vitamin C loving immune system. It’s different to the other Vitamin C supplements as it’s super hero high strength and developed to pharmaceutical standards. Its liposomal delivery ensures the bioactive compounds easily breaks through your body’s absorption barriers into your cells where they are needed the most³.

Check out the Altrient Vitamin C Supplement

Get yourself the super immune protection you need now with a supply of these powerful immune boosting supplements.



¹.CRM carries a guarantee of the strictest formulation standards under EU regulation.
².Princeton Consumer Research in 2014
³.Dr Hickey along with Dr Andrew Saul later conducting a study on the absorption and saturation of levels of vitamin C in the body.
*Offer not available in conjunction with any other offers or coupon codes.


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