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Detoxing & What You Really Need To Know

Jul 16, 2019 | Nutrition

There is much more to Detoxing than first meets the eye. What you may or may not know is detoxification, like breathing, must happen in every cell of the body continuously day in day out.

Specific cells, however, are specially adapted to detoxification. In fact, they perform this function for the benefit of the body as a whole. The cells I am referring to are those of the Liver.

The liver receives all the blood from the digestive tract, and carries out the vital job of detoxifying anything that is body-unfriendly that may be in the foods we eat.

This includes environmental toxins, partially digested fragments of protein, oxidized oils, trans-fats and anti-nutrients – residues of pesticides and preservatives, drugs and chemicals used in agricultural and food production.

Not only that, the liver, receiving all the blood that circulates through the body, is also responsible for detoxifying important and useful things that should not be allowed to build up to too high a level.

Once such substance is Oestrogen. Excessive oestrogen over time is a risk for women whose systems are sensitive. Plus, increasing oestrogen levels in men, as they get older, is also a problem.

So is there really anything we can do to “detox”?

We often undertake a detox programme at this time of year to rid our bodies of the excesses of the winter season. While there are various methods of detoxing you can choose from – such as a fruit diet, a juice programme, a fast, or a restrictive diet. It is important to understand that while they may encourage detoxification, such a shocking change of food can lead to instability in your regular diet afterwards.

This may not be much better than the yo-yo dieting that many people engage in. I believe longer lasting results can be achieved by eating with less extremes and more balance. By learning to eat better every day the detoxification process is supported 24/7, precisely as the body is trying to fulfil this process.

So here are some practical tips on how to do so:

1. Choose foods close to nature and cook at low-temperatures

Avoid frying foods, bread and pastries, alcohol, heated milk products.
Eat at least one large Raw Salad every day. Follow this for a month and notice how much of a difference these relatively simple changes can make to you.

2. Get real Fresh air every day, stay close to nature.

Polluted air is a significant stress on the body and a source of pro-ageing free radicals. The good news is that as little as ten minutes in a clean-air environment can help reverse this.

3. Give yourself the time for regular deep relaxation.

Treat yourself daily by listening to a specially designed audio Relaxation to soothe and quieten your mind and body to the deepest level, or enjoy a relaxing Massage.

4. Choose a nutritional support product.

One that provides not only vitamins and minerals but is specially formulated for cellular detoxification. Both Special Liver Formula and Cell Rejuvenation Mix work together to support your liver and cells at the deepest of levels, offering a powerful detoxification solution for your body every day.


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