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Energy & Drive for Guys

Aug 24, 2017 | Health, Nutrition, Supplements, Weight Loss

Guys, I’ve got bad news – testosterone production reduces as you age. From the age of 30, free testosterone (the stuff of manliness) declines by 1% each and every year. Worse news still is that you need this for energy, strength and drive. You can, however, give your body a helping hand in producing higher quantities of free testosterone (and all it takes is the following three quick-fire tips). Now it’s time for the good news…


  1. Training and nutrition

Proper training and nutrition makes your arteries younger and more flexible, and in turn this helps your heart pump more effectively – restoring your youthful dynamism. Training sessions that pump your muscles are the most effective for getting them back to their younger, firmer, leaner selves (think free weights, HIIT and strength training).


  1. Indulge in an all-natural diet.

You probably know this already, but an all-natural diet is essential for your vigour. If it’s ready made and is sold in a box, tin or plastic, forget it – think fresh vegetables and berries, grass fed meat, wild caught fish and organic eggs. Then work in some healthy fats such as avocados, nuts and seeds, olives and coconut oil.


This all-natural approach to nutrition helps restore your reserves so that you can function as nature intended – enabling you to experience enhanced drive, vibrant energy, a leaner physique, increased mental clarity and a youthful feeling (whatever your age).


  1. Think of protein as a fuel

The ProAlpha Male Casein Protein Drink is a partner for weight loss, and a supporter of increased muscle tone. It is low-glycaemic, low-fat and packed full of protein – in a food supplement made just for guys.


Check out the ProAlpha Male Casein Protein Drink


Nitric Oxide supplements support the ProAlpha Male Casein Protein Drink, for male power, drive and energy. Backed up by Nobel Prize winning research, this supplement boosts the impact of your exercise and increases the elasticity of your blood vessels and arteries.


Check out the Nova Tablets


If you’d like some help to understand the very best food supplements for you, email me now at so we can speak…



  1. Tabitha

    Like you say, nitric oxide supplements provide an amazing amount of natural energy. It increases recovery rates, keeps you going when pushing that little bit harder in a workout, fuels endurance sessions, and increases your glucose use throughout your workout!

  2. Healthy Girl

    You’re so right Tabitha, and because is helps free out the circulation it also has a positive effect on health and wellbeing in general.


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