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How to fire up the body’s fat burning system 247!

Apr 25, 2017 | Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

I have learnt over the years that weight loss is about working with the body’s natural systems and functions. Sadly the traditional approach of calorie reduction can do the very opposite. There is evidence showing it’s possible to achieve healthy and lasting weight loss by taking advantage of the body’s naturally occurring fat burning hormone, called Growth Hormone (GH). We produce it naturally throughout our lifetime, however when we reach 25-30 years of age it stops being released. I am happy to say that the good news is that you can cause GH to be released and burn body fat at any age. Plus it can happen around the clock 24×7.

Amino Or (night-time)

It’s possible to create an environment in the body that naturally leads to a release of GH. One way is to eat low GI (low sugar) foods. High GI foods lead to an insulin response in the body that blocks GH from being released, only one can be released at a time.

Another way is by using a food supplement called Amino Or. It’s a single amino acid (a natural part of protein) called L-Ornithine that helps burn body fat, plus firm and tone the underlying tissue. It’s also known to help attract other amino acids required to form collagen in the body. To get the best effects you take Amino Or on an empty tummy 2 1/2 hours after food and 1/2 an hour before going to bed, as this takes advantage of a time when GH would normally be released during sleep.

Amino Energise (day-time)

Another food supplement, Amino Energise, works in conjunction with Amino Or to further enhance the release of GH in the body. When Amino Or and Amino Energise are used together they can become an effective weight loss program.

Amino Energise is Free Form and contains all the essential amino acids. This means it’s easily absorbed without the need for digestion, plus they help make your food into a complete protein. Simply put, they help improve the protein quality of your food, firm and tone lean tissue and are designed to enhance your metabolism. 4 tablets give you the same amount of protein as an egg. Ideally take 3-4 with every meal.

The key to lasting weight loss is to hold onto, or even better, to gain lean tissue in the body. The more lean tissue you have the higher your metabolism. Releasing GH in the body helps rev up your metabolism in a completely natural way. So whether you’re a girl or a guy consider taking some great quality amino acids daily to keep you slimmer, firm, toned and energised! You can check out these incredible supplements I take myself just here.

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