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How to feel energized and READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

Mar 10, 2015 | Exercise, Mindset, Nutrition

I met the lovely and inspirational Veena V last week and was interviewed for her Mum to Millionaire podcast. You can listen to How to Feel Energised & Ready to Take On The World by clicking on the play button below. Her blog post is also below. We chat about everything from healthy pizza and cauliflower mash to high intensity interval training, to mindfulness! I hope you find it interesting listening and reading!


How to feel energized and READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

by Veena  V – March 2015

As a busy Mum you can sometimes feel tired, run down and unmotivated. I don’t want you to feel like this – yes of course we all have those days where we just want to collapse on the sofa (I actually did this last week, I was ill and had no one to look after me sob sob, boohoo)
But let’s not make that a habit! I strongly believe we need to take time away from our business and concentrate on ourselves and that’s why I really wanted to do an episode of ways how to feel energized.

Let’s avoid those slumps every single day where we reach for those chocci biscuits and instead put good things in our bodies that will make us feel good, feel healthy and feel energized.
The more energy we have – the more productive we can be and more focused to successfully grow our business AND at the same time teach our children good habits

Hooray, so let’s get into this with a super lovely lady and well-being coach, Alex aka The Healthy Girl UK – she has transformed herself from a size 16 to size 8 – WOW – & she is now transforming other people lives for the better.


  • How your business can flourish if you look after yourself, your mind and your body
  • I LOVE pizza! Alex mentions a quick way to substitute that thick deep pan for a much more healthy option instantly
  • What low glycemic foods are and how we can build them into our every day lives
  • How to feel fuller for longer
  • How to change eating habits in your children
  • Why wild salmon is healthier than salmon – I NEVER KNEW THIS and why you need to know this too

How to feel energized and ready to take on the world!


Eat low glycemic foods which will keep your energy levels steady – when you eat a high glycemic food i.e that amazing double chocolate cake (!) you will feel great for a while but then your energy levels will slump


Switch white bread, potatoes, rice to rye or wholemeal bread, sweet potatoes and quinoa (cook it in the same way as rice – picture below)



Another sure fire way to feel energized is to decrease the amount of starch you eat and increase protein.
A typical meal for me and my son would be salmon with mash potatoes (and vegetables if I can be bothered to steam them – I KNOW, I’m bad, but I am learning to get better too!)
Alex suggests changing the salmon to wild salmon, mash to cauliflower mash or sweet potato wedges with green vegetables.



4) MOVE!
Get more active – take the stairs, go for a brisk walk, you know what to do!
When my son was a baby I would go for long power walks with him in the pushchair. At home, I would put him in his bouncer and run up and down the stairs and dance like a freak in the living room – it works! Plus it kept him entertained!
Now I do 20 minutes high intensity exercise at the gym and 5 minutes of weights – that is all. People laugh at me but at least I am doing something! It’s actually been proven that it is better to do only 30 minutes of aerobic exercises – the best thing to do is lifting weights as Alex fully explains in the podcast.



Why do you want to be healthy, be energized or feel good about yourself? Do you want to lose weight so you can fit into your old pair of favourite jeans? Do you want to set a fantastic example to your kids?

When you have a clear reason for doing something it will compel you to get out of bed and do it.


I think this tip is a great way how you can feel energized – stay away from negative people! If someone makes comments about you or why you are doing certain things – IGNORE THEM! Who cares what they think – It may be hard at first but always remember why you are doing something and you will get far.
Alex in the podcast mentions that people thought she was crazy – but look at her now!


The more we can be in the moment – it’s better for everything. It will drain your energy if your mind is elsewhere all the time. If you’re with your children give them your full attention and be present.


THANK YOU so much to Alex for sharing her ways how to feel energized – She really proves if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything



I really want you to remember that you do not have to do all these things straight away or feel you have to even do all of them. I tried wild salmon but I don’t like the taste – so I will try it again in a few months with a different recipe.
I will still eat a cream egg with a cup of tea (this is our little secret!) after I have finished writing this blog post and published the podcast but tonight I am having chicken with sweet potato wedges instead of my normal roast potatoes.
What I’m trying to say is, try different things out, don’t make drastic changes, instead change one thing a week. Over a year you can look back in amazement and see all the little things you changed

I would love to know what little things you are planning to change – write a comment below and let’s all help each other, xxx




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