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Your Immune System Superhero

Oct 29, 2017 | Health, Nutrition, Supplements

I have news for you – your immune system is pretty modest. But really it should be thought of as your superhero – saving you from the common cold, protecting you from the flu and even giving a helping hand when it comes to ageing before our time and avoiding serious illness.


As you probably know, I’m all about taking a natural approach – a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle for optimal immune health. So here’s my thoughts on giving that pretty incredible immune system of yours the boost it needs to keep on being amazing:


  1. Treat your nervous system to a monthly session with a chiropractor

A chiropractor uses spinal manipulation alongside other treatments to align your musculoskeletal structures, focusing especially on the spine. Their treatments are known to help the body heal itself. Why? Because it mobilises the immune system, all while increasing mobility and flexibility in the process.


  1. Ditch the sugar

Sugar is a best friend for bacteria – it creates a lovely acidic environment in which bacteria thrive. As part of the perfect storm, sugar also stops the cells of your immune system from killing off these bacteria, and consequently, the viruses that go along with them.


However there’s an important defining difference to understand here – whole, natural sugars are just fine and dandy (such as those in fruit or whole grains), it’s refined sugars and carbs that create excessive amounts of unnatural, unhealthy sugars. Those are the ones to watch out for.


  1. Get plenty of (optimal) sleep

Being sleep deprived hits your immune system hard. And if you think you’re not sleep deprived, you may need to think again. According to the Sleep Council nearly half of us get less than 6 hours a night, while just 8% of us awaken feeling refreshed (which should be the norm, not the exception).


Head over to my sleep blog – Are you sleeping soundly? For insight into what you can do to get a proper nights sleep.


  1. Supercharge your exercise routine

Study after study shows that even the lightest of exercise routines can bolster your protection against illness. So factor in a brief, brisk walk each day where possible.


  1. Get your nutritional intake right

Real, whole foods – that’s what you need – vegetables, sprouts, low GI fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Squeeze in as many plants, of different varieties (particularly green leafy veg), as you can.


Make this easy on yourself by whipping up a super green smoothie from raw cucumber, spinach, celery, kale, bok choi and avocado, and add a sprinkle of Supergreen powder plus a tablespoon of casein protein powder. As for my top tip, well that would be adding a small piece of raw ginger and some chia seeds before blending – delicious!


Add in some supercharged food supplements specifically designed to support your immune system to see you safely through the ‘sniffy season’:


Cell Rejuvenation Mix Supplement

Your immune system is an amazing, and an amazingly complex structure – it needs plenty of nutritional support to function optimally (even Clark Kent needs a helping hand every now and then). The Cell Rejuvenation Mix Supplement provides all the core multivitamins and minerals for immune system support and detoxification (it also boosts cognitive and vital organ support from its 53 natural ingredients).

Check out the Cell Rejuvenation Mix Supplement


Altrient Vitamin C Liposomal Supplement

Vitamin C – you know it well, and you know that you don’t get enough of it (which can swiftly make you unwell). The Altrient Vitamin C Supplement makes skin up to 61% firmer and feeds your vit-c loving immune system.

It’s different to the other supplements as its high strength and developed to pharmaceutical standards (which easily breaks through your body’s absorption barriers to with up to 98% bioavailability).

Check out the Altrient Vitamin C Supplement



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