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Cell Rejuvenation Mix


A complete multivitamin and mineral formulation that supports the immune system and aids detoxification. An advanced nutritional supplement specially formulated using 59 top quality nutritional ingredients.


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Your ultimate health support from an advanced multi-nutrient formula.

Cell Rejuvenation Mix (CRM) provides a powerful foundation for health in all areas:

  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Immune Support
  • Cognitive Support
  • Vital Organ Support
  • Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

CRM is a complex and advanced nutritional product with 59 individual high quality ingredients. As well as a full spectrum of high-potency vitamins and minerals, CRM offers advanced plant and fruit extracts, and specialised nutrients on which much current nutritional research is focused. Some of these nutrients are hard to obtain in a regular multivitamin, often for reasons of cost. CRM offers them all in single convenient daily dose. In particular CRM has Vitamin D (in a quantity large enough to accord with current recommendations), coenzyme Q10 and an excellent level of bone-related Vitamin K2. Many of CRM’s nutrients also are directed at strengthening the immune system, and helping the liver perform its detoxification functions.

CRM is formulated and manufactured in Ireland to EU standards. The EU through its scientific committee has recently completed a special study covering many of the ingredients in CRM. This investigation has validated and approved claims we have made for this product since its introduction in 2007.

Three-Way Antioxidant Protection

CRM’s powerful nutrients are now officially acknowledged to offer three-way antioxidant protection at the deepest level of cellular function. Oxidative damage is caused by free radicals and if it occurs can speed the rundown of the cell’s activities. Five of these essential nutrients offer powerful protection from oxidative damage, protecting highly sensitive proteins and fats involved in proper cell function. They also specifically protect your genetic blueprint (DNA) and help ensure that your cells reproduce themselves healthily and normally, with proper normal cell division and differentiation.

Nine Nutrients For Your Immune System

CRM contains nine nutrients to assist with normal function of the immune system including Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Nine Nutrients For Your Energy Reserves

CRM contains a further nine nutrients assisting with your energy production system and to help with your blood sugar.


CRM’s contains a high content of Vitamin D (2000 iu), which critical to people living in northern latitudes. It helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response in your system. CRM’s content of Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) also helps your own system form and use Vitamin D.

Your Bones

CRM’s excellent content of Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 and other nutrients help keep your bones in good shape. Vitamin D and Vitamin C help maintain your teeth.

Collagen, Your Skin and Your Hair

CRM’s nutrients particularly help collagen formation and help your skin. They contribute to the proper functioning of bones, teeth, cartilage, gums, skin and blood vessels, all of which are made of collagen. CRM’s nutrients also assist with maintaining normal hair health including hair colour.

Your Eyesight

CRM contains specially chosen nutrients to help maintain normal vision.

Brain and Nervous System

CRM’s formula contains two special nutrients to help benefit your normal mental and cognitive performance. Other high-quality ingredients assist with the formation of neurotransmitters – the brains “spark-plugs”.

Your Heart and Bloodstream

CRM’s formula is geared towards helping maintain normal cardiac function. It also, very importantly, is designed to help keep the blood clotting mechanism normal. CRM can also contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism. Customers knowledgeable in nutrition and health will be aware of the significant role homocysteine is considered to play in human cardiovascular health.

Reproductive Health

CRM contains selenium and zinc, nutrients with significant roles in reproductive health. Selenium helps maintain normal sperm formation while zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.

Iron and Red Blood Cells

While CRM does not contain Iron (which can be a pro-oxidant), the nutrients it contains can help increase absorption of some iron sources, help maintain normal iron transport in the body and assist with the metabolism of iron. Several of CRM’s vital nutrients also contribute to the normal formation of red blood cells.

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