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Healthy Girl Coaching

Bespoke Programs Tailored For You


Have you tried every diet out there and failed to lose the weight you want?



Are you fed up with undoing any weight loss you do achieve?



Is your confidence and happiness suffering as a result?



If the answer is Yes to any or all of these questions, then Healthy Girl coaching can help you take control of these issues while empowering you with a simple, practical and highly effective approach so you can finally achieve the shape and health results you really want.

I believe Healthy Girl coaching gives you the best of three worlds – as I bring together proven nutrition advice and mindset expertise, based on what science shows is the answer. Plus, my personal experiences and ‘know-how’, which only someone who has overcome years of YoYo dieting, can bring.

Each Healthy Girl weight loss or health coaching program begins with an in-depth assessment of your general health and history, dietary habits, exercise habits, digestive health and lifestyle. Valuable time is also spent uncovering limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviour that has most likely prevented you from achieving success in this area to date.

With this detailed information I then create a bespoke program tailored specifically for you and what you want to achieve. This can include a personalised natural nutrition plan, healthy eating swaps and alternative products, recipes and cooking methods, exercise and lifestyle changes, plus food supplement recommendations. I believe in keeping things simple, practical and delicious to help you feel motivated and satisfied.

We work closely during regular coaching sessions to replace negative behaviours with ones that will help you get on track and stay on track. My outcome is for you to absolutely relax and enjoy the process as you transition into the real slimmer, healthier and happier You.

Surely Now Is The Time For You To:


Stop relying on willpower, it always runs out!



Adopt new healthy habits around food that you do want



Relax and enjoy eating foods that help you get slim, healthy and stay that way.



Ditch the diets that don’t work



Break the cycle of diet success followed by spectacular failure



Transform your shape, your health and your life!



Take control and enjoy greater food freedom



Understand the principals that cause you to naturally burn body fat



Truly feel proud and happy when you look in the mirror?


Take Your First Step & Get In Touch Now

“I have lost 15 lbs and 5 inches off both my waist and stomach in 10 weeks. I am not the same person! I no longer overeat as I now notice when I have had enough. I am aware if I make a mistake and immediately get back on track at my next meal. I now exercise consistently, I feel strong in my body and good in my clothes. I couldn’t have done it without you Alex, your support and genuine interest in my results made all the difference. You’re definitely money well spent!”


Anna Lempriere

The Conscious Coach

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