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Healthy Girl Relaxations


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Healthy Girl Relaxations

Unique Mp3 Guided Relaxations

Lie back and relax your mind and body as these specially designed relaxations take you beyond visualization. Be guided to gently, yet powerfully, focus all of your mind on what you want for your weight loss and health. These Healthy Girl relaxations support you to naturally make the right food choices and take the required actions to achieve your shape and health goals.

Whether your priority is achieving lasting weight loss or optimum health, these unique relaxations can help you step into the real slim, healthy You that may currently be hidden. Create healthier eating habits and empowering behaviour naturally as these relaxations help activate the deeper part of the mind, that neuroscience shows must be working for you, to ensure lasting results.

Choose from Relax & Get Slim or Relax & Get Healthy. Or take advantage of our special rate and purchase both relaxations together, get greater value for money and greater impact on your results.

For best results listen to daily. Please ensure you are sitting or lying down where you will not be disturbed. WARNING - Never listen to while you are driving or operating any equipment whatsoever.

“As a health care professional specialising in Wellness and Wellbeing, I meet many, many people in this field. There are very few people who have actually walked the journey themselves. Alex has, and she brings not only that real-life experience, but also her caring and loving spirit to her work.”

Dr Glorianne Giovanelli


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