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Proform 100 Vanilla 1kg


Introducing: Our breakthrough 100% Quality Protein. This is our regular Proform Casein protein blended with Amino Acids to offer you 100% quality Protein.

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For The FIRST TIME EVER – 100% Protein Quality

Educohealth Proform 100 is the world’s first protein to offer a revolutionary 100% Amino Acid quality in a single delicious high-protein shake. Traditional high-protein foods – even meat, soya, milk and whey – are unbalanced in Amino Acid quality so that your body can waste a third or even half of the protein content they offer. The unused protein is converted to sugar and contributes to fat gain!

Using our exclusive Proamino-C™ essential amino acid formula, developed in our own laboratories for optimal protein retention, we have taken casein – already the world’s finest anti-catabolic slow-release muscle-building protein – and improved it to the 100% quality level.

Nutritional science has identified egg as the best natural protein, and traditionally all others are measured against it. But egg lacks casein’s high levels of Branch-Chain Amino Acids, its slow-release properties, and its high Glutamine levels, all of which make it especially good for muscle building.

Proform 100 brings you the best of both worlds in a delicious high-protein drink. Now for the first time, your whole body, as well as your muscles and bones, can benefit from a protein that equals both casein and egg in perfection.

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