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Zinc Citrate

Zinc Citrate


Supplementation for the immune system.

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There is nothing quite like having healthy hair, skin, nails and bones. Zinc is an essential mineral that scores here by contributing to their normal healthy well-being as well as a very impressive array of body functions.

Zinc very much contributes to normal cognitive function. If you need to stay sharp (particularly if you have a recent white spot on one of your nails), try it and see!

Those interested in fertility and reproduction will be interested to find that it contributes to normal fertility and reproduction. Of particular interest to men is zinc’s role in contributing to normal testosterone levels in the blood.

Eye health is also included here with zinc’s important role in contributing to healthy normal vision.

Those concerned with the acidity of their body will be interested to hear how zinc contributes to normal acid-base metabolism.

If nutrition and metabolism is your interest, zinc contributes to normal macronutrient, carbohydrate, vitamin A and fatty acid metabolism while at the same time contributing to normal protein synthesis.

Alcohol and mineral imbalances in your diet can affect your zinc levels, so a supplement can be very helpful.

*Results may vary for each individual and we cannot guarantee specific results.

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Educohealth Ltd.



1 capsule contains: RDA%*
Zinc 20mg 200
* Recommended Daily Allowance
Ingredients: zinc citrate, flow agent: brown rice flour, vegetable shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.


Initial use

  • Take 1 capsule daily with meals or as advised by a practitioner.


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