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Protein Power – It’s a guy (and a girl) thing

Mar 11, 2020 | Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Supplements, Weight Loss

This protein ‘thing’ used to be a ‘guy thing’. Then, along came plenty of clean-living, protein-drinking gym-hopping celebs and now protein is under the spotlight for ladies too. But there’s still plenty of confusion around it that needs clearing up. What I will say – if there’s a single habit to adopt daily – it’s protein… and here’s why:


Understanding protein

Let’s start with protein in powder form – if you think that it’s just for bulking, think again. Good quality casein protein is one of the most effective fuels for speeding up your metabolism. And we know that a faster metabolism leads to easier, faster weight loss.


So, the next question – aren’t proteins in their natural form better?

The short answer is No. The longer answer is… foods such as pulses, beans and lentils (which are recommended as high protein foods) lack the high content of amino acids that are essential for optimal nutrition and increased muscle tissue.


And that’s not all.

Even the smallest change to your diet can leave you feeling woefully hungry. For anyone who’s ever reached 10am and yearned for a sugary, high fat snack on a diet – I understand your pain. And protein helps here, too. It ensures that you stay feeling fuller, for longer, as well as sustaining your energy levels (something that’s often the reason for many a failed health kick).


It really helps to get to grips with the science of this process. Compared to other foods, especially sugar, carbs and whey protein powders, casein protein breaks down slowly. In this way casein protein powder is similar to complete proteins (proteins such as grass fed meats, organic poultry, wild fish, organic eggs, milk and cheese).


Shhh: There’s someone sleeping soundly here

Proteins are also great at assisting the production of Growth Hormone (GH) to repair our cells, help burn body fat and nurse us into sleep (and if you want to learn more about the relationship between sleep and nutrition, check out my blog: How to get a good nights sleep.


For the best balance, combine solid quality protein with low Glycaemic foods – for the replacement and maintenance of lost lean muscle tissue, whilst creating optimal conditions for the release of GH.


For Men: Proform 100 Casein Protein

Proform 100 is the world’s first casein protein offering a revolutionary 100% amino acid quality in a high-protein shake. The exclusive formula has been developed for optimal protein retention. Casein protein, already the finest anti-catabolic slow-release muscle-building protein is improved to the 100% quality level. This uniquely blended casein protein is low-glycaemic, low-fat and an essential for achieving weight loss whilst boosting muscle tone. It’s a product as perfect for those who train professionally as it is for those who struggle to reach the gym even once a week.

Proform 100 is a nutritionally solid support for your fitness goals.

Check out Proform 100 Casein Protein


For Women: Profemme Casein Protein

Designed with women in mind Profemme is more than just a protein drink. Profemme is a fast way of revolutionising your approach to weight loss. Plus, feel balanced through your monthly cycle, trim your waist and look after your bones and teeth in the process with this food supplement featuring Isoflavones, Broccoli Sprout Extract and GLA; plus magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin D. As a Profemme drinker you’ll be in good company – amongst leading models, figure athletes and fellow ladies who are just like you.

Check out Profemme Casein Protein


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