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Release the Hormone that Burns Body Fat

Oct 9, 2014 | Exercise, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Many of us have a friend or family member who can eat whatever they like, stay perfectly slim and not have to worry about weight loss issues. Most children and young adults are the same.  This is because until the age of about 25 to 30 we generally and naturally have strong levels of Growth Hormone (GH).

GH is a hormone which causes children to grow into adults.  It is also known for its anti-ageing and rejuvenating effects as it stimulates cell growth, cell production and cell regeneration in the body.  GH makes our muscles firmer and denser which positively affects our metabolism and therefore our fat-burning process.  It’s a mostly unknown key to achieving long term weight loss.

GH is produced by our pituitary gland throughout our lifetime, however, from the age of around 25 to 30, the amount of GH released into our bodies is drastically reduced and this is when the ageing process begins.

Exercise is a proven method to stimulate the release of GH naturally, even after it has stopped being released automatically.  Weight bearing exercise is shown to be the best form of exercise to stimulate that release; lifting weights with intensity is the key to unlocking your GH store.

In addition, insulin is known to be an antagonist to GH as it directly affects whether GH is released into our bodies or not. Eating low glycemic foods creates an environment to support the release of this amazing hormone which causes you to naturally increase your muscle tissue, speed up your metabolism, burn fat off your body, and achieve your weight loss goals for good.


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