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Resolutions are Out, Results are In!

Dec 28, 2016 | Health, Mindset, Weight Loss

If you’re about to set a New Year’s resolution, please beware. Particularly if you intend to set the same weight loss or health resolution you set last year and possibly the previous year too! If you failed to achieve it once, avoid doing the same again this year as the failure will bring even more upset than it did previously.

The usual approach to weight loss is to rely on willpower. However when it runs out, as it always does, you’re left high and dry and the only place to go is spectacularly in the opposite direction. Neuroscience shows that willpower uses only 5% of your mind. Only when you tap into and harness the other 95% can you achieve truly long-lasting results. Here are some ways that can help you do this:

Design your Ideal Shape

Create a crystal clear picture in your minds eye so you know exactly where you are going. Your picture must inspire and motivate you to take the action required to make it your reality. Decide exactly how you look in your ideal shape, including your ideal dress size; your bust, waist and hip measurements; your muscle tone and exact body shape. Then add how you feel in your ideal shape, your confidence, your energy, health and mental clarity. Also, decide how being in your ideal shape impacts every area of your life, from your partner and your children (if you have them), to your work life. Consider what you would do differently once you’re in great shape. Ask yourself ultimately how does this impact your happiness every day.

Create Your Ideal Future

Your past determines your future. You can take control of your future by making your past into a solid foundation upon which to build your weight loss success. Only bring your past successes into your future. Consider everything you have achieved over your lifetime, from childhood to now. Recall times when you were in your best shape, full of energy and mental clarity; when you easily focused on and enjoyed eating clean, healthy foods. Plus any times you were determined to achieve an outcome (in any area of your life) no matter what. People who achieve great things usually do so despite any odds that may be against them. They make such a strong decision to have their outcome it drives them to keep taking action. You can do the same by allowing only successes from your past to remain with you. At the end of each day, get into the habit of recalling your successes; even if you think they’re small, they still count. One success can become a springboard to further success.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you maintain your state and shine a flashlight on your actions. It’s like a self-Policing system enabling you to see, then stop any negative or sabotaging behaviour that would stop you reaching your outcome. Mindfulness lets you see your actions clearly, decide what serves you and adjust accordingly. Start by paying full attention to what you are doing and thinking, especially when eating and drinking. Notice how your food tastes and smells, plus what you see, hear and feel. As you increase your awareness you will naturally choose to eat foods that only take you in the direction of your ideal shape, better health and increased energy. Your food will taste much more flavourful plus you’ll definitely feel much more happy; if you’re being mindful you will naturally access your most relaxed and happy state within J

I truly believe we are designed to stay slim, healthy and mentally alert throughout our lifetime. To enjoying energy and vitality to live happy and fulfilling lives. Why stop at dropping a clothes size when you could drop two or three? Why accept certain health conditions or diseases come with ageing? Instead you could decide to grow younger and healthier as you grow older and take the necessary actions to make it happen. Whatever you have achieved to date with your health, shape and energy, build on your successes, do whatever it takes and go for it in 2017!



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