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The Best Food To Slim Into Spring

Apr 18, 2018 | Nutrition, Supplements, Weight Loss

There are foods that have the potential to increase strength and energy, support fat burning, while supporting bone health and nervous system development. Before I delve into which foods they are, here is the background into why that is…

Did you know that there is research(1&2) to show that low calorie, starvation type diets actually make you fat? This is shocking to hear but sadly it’s true. Can you imagine how many people are putting a lot of effort into trying to eat less, depriving themselves while feeling hungry and miserable in the process?

The knock on effects of low energy and brain fog can leave even the most determined amongst us, fed up and demotivated. You may well be one of them – I certainly was until I found a better way.

You see, for the majority of our existence, we human beings have thrived on a completely natural diet. We ate meat, fish and seasonal vegetables along with fruit, nuts and seeds. It’s only in the last 60-70 years that we have eaten a diet of unnatural processed foods, containing sugars and chemicals. Our waistlines have expanded as dramatically as our ‘food choices’ and I do not believe in coincidences.

It’s known that from the age of 25 to 30 we lose ½ lb of muscle tissue from the body every year. We are likely to lose up to 30% of our muscle tissue(3) over our lifetime. This is the reason why someone who weighs the same on the scales as they did many years ago, will be less toned and flabbier. This is because they have lost vital muscle tissue, which is replaced with unsightly and unhealthy fat as their body composition changed. What’s more, this loss of muscle tissue can reduce our metabolisms functionality by nearly half!

The sad fact is that although low calorie diets may help you lose weight on the scales, part of that weight is muscle tissue too. In fact up to 90% of the weight loss achieved on a low calorie diet is shown to be muscle tissue and not fat! This is disastrous for our health, and the reason why you can gain back any weight lost once you return to normal eating. Plus, that loss of muscle tissue will also have increased your rate of ageing too!

You’ll be glad to learn that there is some good news, plus a scientific solution – to gain back and maintain lost muscle tissue, fire up your metabolism and rejuvenate your body. Aim to eat a diet free from processed foods and sugars. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and berries, grass fed meat, wild caught fish, organic eggs and some healthy fats such as avocados, olives and coconut oil. This helps to restore your body so its functions as nature intends, enabling you to experience greater energy, a slimmer figure, increased mental clarity and feel younger as you grow older!

Protein is key to staying young from the inside out and there’s none better than casein protein. Studies show it remains in the body for up to 7 hours and has prolonged anti-catabolic effects, meaning it stops muscle tissue breaking down. In addition it’s also extremely rich in calcium, helping to keep bones, teeth and nerves healthy. It’s shown to increase strength and can help trim the waist. I take a casein protein drink to further enhance my natural diet daily.

Check out the range of Proform casein protein drinks here. You’ll find a specific blend just for you whether you’re a guy or a girl!

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